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For Medicare Patients

If you are on Medicare and diagnosed with Diabetes you may qualify for one pair of diabetic shoes and 3 pairs of diabetic inserts each calendar year.

 To qualify you must have seen your doctor who is managing your diabetes within 6 months of receiving the diabetic shoes. You must receive a clinical foot examination from your podiatrist who is dispensing the shoes to you. Your podiatrist has to document the need for diabetic shoes. Your podiatrist has to have the exam agreed upon by your doctor that you qualify for a pair of diabetic shoes. The podiatrist also has to get a signed certifying statement that you are diabetic from your doctor and get a copy of the last medical note from your doctor. 

Once your podiatrist has all the documentation he will dispense your new pair of diabetic shoes and inserts. The process can take up to 8 weeks depending how long it takes to get all the documentation back from your doctor. 

Your podiatrist may prescribe either pre-fab or custom diabetic inserts depending on your foot type. Pre-fab inserts are heat molded in the office to your feet. Custom inserts are made after he takes an impression of your feet. 

Once billed, Medicare pays 80% of the allowable and if you have a secondary insurance it will pay the remaining 20%. 

Dia-Foot also is a national supplier for diabetic shoes for Humana. We are a Florida based company and have contracts with most of the Medicare Advantage Plans. Go to www.dia-footnetworksolutions.com for more information. 

If you are a Medicare patient and want to be placed with one of our podiatrists in the USA to receive a pair of diabetic shoes please email drgaynor@dia-foot.com your name, address and phone number and we will have one of our locations contact you.

Dia-Foot offers the most extensive selection of diabetic shoes in the diabetic shoe marketplace with over 380 styles available.