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Pure Stride Diabetic Socks Qtr Length in White

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Pure Stride Diabetic Socks Qtr Length in White
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Combining therapeutic support with unmatched comfort, the Comfort Care System Socks from Pure Stride are specially designed for people with diabetes, arthritis and other foot problems. A unique weave of silver fibers promotes circulation while inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi, keeping feet odor free. Foot care never felt so good!

- Unique non-binding knit construction on top specifically designed to give extra cross-stretch for maximum comfort. Extra-wide, non restrictive top stretches without binding or slipping
- Soft padded lining in sole for extra protection, X-Static(R) Silver Coated Fiber eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in less that one hour of exposure
- Flat, soft special toe closure to prevent pressure sores and irritation
price per pair. Made in the USA.